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Inscryption is infecting all the things, now on Nintendo Switch

by: Rob -
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Inscryption is an awesome game, and it's popping up everywhere. It debuted as a PC game over a year ago, where Eric gave it a perfect 10 in his review. Then it moved over to PS4 and PS5, rather quietly in my opinion. I just saw it the other day named the Mac Game of the Year in the App Store Awards.  And now we got the good news about the Switch port. I can't go too much into Inscryption for fear of giving away any spoilers, but it's a very narrative driven card game, until it isn't anymore. Then it is again. You'll understand when you play it - and given that it's excellent and on just about every system under the sun there is no reason not to. Really, the only thing that is not awesome about Inscryption is how autocorrect fights me every time I try to type out the daggum name with a y instead of and i. Damn you, autocorrect! 

You can find Inscryption on the Nintendo Store after the age gate, or on any of the other various online marketplaces across the systems. Trailer below - watch it, go buy the game, and just play it already.