Sony let Take 2 out of GTA IV exclusive contract for rights to franchise to be named later

by: Chuck -
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It looks like Sony let the exclusivity on Grand Theft Auto IV lapse in exchange for exclusive rights to a Take-Two/Rockstar franchise to be named later.  That's according to Jack Tretton in an interview with Gamehead's Geoff Keighy.  Here's the interview with all the details.

This is certainly an interesting twist on the whole GTA exclusivity saga as it looks like Rockstar has pulled a major coup with the release.  How so?  Well they'll now be able to sell more copies of the game s the game will be available on more platforms and they managed to milk Microsoft for $50M for two exclusive add on episodes.  It will be interesting to see which game Sony picks up as an exclusive from Take-2 and if that game sells as many systems as an exclusive GTA IV would have.