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Firm that PlayStation 3 with version 1.90

by: John -
Hey there PS3 owners. Yes the 10 of you out there. A new version of the PlayStation 3 firmware is available for download in the US. The PlayStation blog has some details on the new update. I'll never understand the remote eject feature that the new update has. I mean, you're going to get up anyways to get the disc. Why do we need to push the button to eject the disk from far away? The rest of the updates include:
  • Ability to rearrange games on the XMB
  • Option menu now includes “eject disk”
  • Press triangle to eject games/CDs/movies in the XMB
  • XMB backgrounds
  • Change the folder classification
  • Emoticons
  • Change CD output to 44.1/88.2/176.4kHz
  • Force 24Hz output for Blu-ray over HDMI
  • Change PS3 video settings in-game
  • “Bit Mapping” in the “Music Setting”
  • Save AVCHD type animations from a Memory Stick
  • Change settings like upscaling while playing PS and PS2 games
  • Add bookmarks
  • Web browser security function in the browser’s tool section
  • Avatar moves during audio visual chat