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After US sells out of 60GB PS3, there will be no more

by: John -
This is something that was left out of the Sony press conference. SCEE president David Reeves told GamingIndustry.biz that after the stock of 60GB PlayStation 3's are gone, which he predicts is in July, there will be no more made and thus the $599 SKU will be the only one available. What? So you tell me you generate all this positive buzz about a price drop that's only going to last until supplies run out and then it's back to the $599 price point? First the 20GB version is removed. Now the 60GB version looks like it's going the same way and we're back to where we started with a huge $599 price for the console. Now, maybe this is just talk so people will run out to buy the 60GB version and I hope it is but the strategy to eliminate the 60GB version just doesn't seem like a smart idea after working your way back from PR hell.