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Season 2 of Overwatch 2 kicks off next week

by: Nathan -
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Overwatch 2 Season 2 kicks off next week on December 6th and Blizzard dropped a new trailer showing off all of the new content coming to the game. 

We will be getting a brand new Tank hero Ramattra, a new escort map "Shambali Monastary" and tons of skins which will probably all cost something outrageous in the shop like $20 a piece. 

There will also be three limited time game modes coming in season 2. 

  • Winter Wonderland - December 13th - January 9th
  • Battle for Olympus - January 5th - January 19th
  • Year of the Rabbit - January 17th - February 6th

This new season will also bring a new Mythic skin for completing the season pass and it appears that Junker Queen will be getting the skin this season which is honestly kind of shocking considering how new she is. The skin does look nice though and fits with the weird Greek theme they are going with for the next season.