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News Roundup: Bloodshot Bleach Band

by: Randy -
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  • We've reached a definitive Turning Point in your selection of WMV, QT, or MPEG choices.
  • It's the tenth issue for City of Heroes, a true collector's item.
  • NetDevil CEO Scott Brown confirms in an interview that Auto Assault is shutting its engines down for good.
  • WarCry is editorializing the heck outta Age of Conan.  Here's they're view of "The Great White Hype."
  • GamersInfo.net governates a preview in Age of Conan.
  • Right Said Fred's, uh, deceased cousin, Dead Head Fred, is previewed for the PSP.
Thanks to WarCry, GamersInfo.net, and Atomic Gamer for today's News Roundup.