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Black Friday deals are a week long thing now

by: Rob -
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I do like Black Friday. The deals on games are good and there were a few things I would pick up every year specifically at this time - like renewing my PS Plus subscription or picking up my annual copy of FIFA at half off. But if you're still waiting until the end of the week for gaming purchases, let me tell you there really is no reason anymore. This really began during the pandemic but pretty much any deals you were going to find on software is already out now. 

As for my shopping list, I've already scored:

  • Mario Party Superstars $30 for Switch - This game never seems to go on sale and physical copies are half off in a few places, but digital is also available from Target for the same price.
  • LEGO Marvel Collection $9 for PS4 - this is technically part of the WB sale, not the Black Friday sale. LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 and LEGO Marvel Avengers regularly go on sale but the original (and allegedly best) LEGO Marvel Super Heroes is always hovering at $20. Now the entire collection and DLC is just nine bucks on the Playstation Store
  • Playstation Plus %25 off. Subscription renewal time. Premium and Extra plans are at a discount through the end of the year but I can get a full extra year on the basic plan (which is all I really want anyway) at a good savings.

There are heaps of other deals across all the marketplaces and all systems. The point is there is no need to wait until after Turkey Day on software or games and most hardware as well. The deals are already available. I'm probably done for now, although I am eyeing the Destiny 2 Beyond Light DLC on the PS Store despite having some deep misgivings about that DLC in the past. I'm not selling out, I'm buying in. There's a difference...