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Futuristic resource management sim Flat Eye out now on PC/Mac; New launch trailer

by: Henry -
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 Publisher Raw Fury and developer Monkey Moon have successfully launched their gas station resource management simulator Flat Eye. You are the manager to a futuristic gas and tech station and it is your job to keep everything run as smoothly as possible! The game is a perfect blend of management simulation and narrative driven mechanics. Embark on an array of different quests and storylines as the future of humanity relies on the technology you develop. The game is oozing with atmosphere and style, just from the visuals alone.

See some of the key features according to the official press release:

  • Multiple narrative outcomes: Track your story beats and use the knowledge learned to shape humanity’s future.
  • Run your own store: Stock shelves, sell products, and develop technologies that could alter the entire course of humanity forever.
  • Branching tech tree: Upgrade your store, products, and staff to unlock additional modules and services, attracting new customers with exciting stories.
  • Genre-bending experience: A thoughtful balance between simulation mechanics and rich storytelling creates a one-of-a-kind journey for fans of both genres.
  • Unlock “Premium” customers: Each loyal customer you befriend comes equipped with their own in-depth story!
  • You'll find out all about the Smart Toilets yourself...

Flat Eye is available now on PC and Mac via Steam.  

Check out the official launch trailer below: