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The Unmaking of McPixel 2: A McPixel 3 Documentary is bonkers

by: Elliot -
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When it comes to anything that Devolver Digital publishes, I am always game to try. They’ve made a name for themselves with unique and flat-out-there games. There’s new PR out for McPixel 3, or McPixel 2, depending on who you ask. Let me just say it does not disappoint. I hadn’t heard of the upcoming puzzle video game until I saw today’s email; after watching The Unmaking of McPixel 2: A McPixel 3 Documentary video on YouTube, I am still unsure of what to think fully. The PR provided this snippet, “Whatever you've heard about McPixel 2 was a lie. In a new tell-all documentary, Devolver Digital and McPixel creator Sos are ready to reveal the truth behind the cancelation of what would've undoubtedly been an easy GOTY whenever it would've graced players.” It’s worth watching the nearly six-minute video, trust me.

McPixel 3 comes out on November 14 for PC, Xbox Series X|S, and Nintendo Switch.