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Rogue Legacy 2 unexpectedly lands on Switch today

by: Elliot -
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It’s not a total surprise to see Rogue Legacy 2 make its way to the Nintendo Switch; after all, the first title came to the switch in 2018. The surprising bit about Rogue Legacy 2 is that it’s already on the Switch. Personally, I loved the first one, picking up on a sale last year. I was able to put in 30 or 40 hours before I felt like I had my fill of the first one. One of the main reasons I didn’t grab the sequel was because it wasn’t on the Switch yet; now I feel like I have to grab it. It sounds like Rogue Legacy 2 builds upon its predecessor and improves on everything in the first game. The art style alone gives off a more polished look. Overall the sheer scope of the sequel looks massive; looks like it will take around 30 hours to beat on your first playthrough.

The look isn’t all that’s new; 15 classes to play, like the Ranger or Dragon Lancer. The biome generator has also been revamped in the squeal; each biome adopts different strategies to make it feel and look different from the others. The biggest new feature might be the New Game+. You can choose how to make the game harder, like biome hazards or boss fights.

Rogue Legacy 2 and its Fabled Heroes update is now available on Nintendo Switch, retailing for $24.99. It is also available on Steam and Xbox consoles.