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South Indian cooking narrative game Venba announced for PC/Switch in Spring 2023

by: Henry -
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Visai Games has announced their upcoming cooking narrative game Venba for the Nintendo Switch during today's Indie World Showcase. It's amazing to see more cultural narrative games make an appearance in the indie scene as this game looks cozy and perfect for the Switch. You play as an Indian mother named Venba, who immigrated to Canada with her family in the 1980s. Expect to cook various dishes from long lost family recipes while exploring a narrative about family, love, and loss. 

According to the official press release, here are some key features:

  • Cook Authentic And Delicious Recipes Handpicked From Regional Southern Indian Cuisine
  • Hold Branching Conversations and experience the journey of an immigrant family
  • Beautiful 2D Visuals And Animations
  • Unique Soundtrack Inspired By Tamil Movies And Music

Venba is coming to PC via Steam and Nintendo Switch sometime spring 2023. You can wishlist the game on Steam now to support the developers!

Check out the official announcement trailer below: