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Indie horror Cursed Mansion gets spooky Friday the 13th release date in January 2023

by: Henry -
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Developer Dragon Emperors and publisher Upoint Games have announced the perfect release date for their upcoming survival horror role playing game Cursed Mansion. What better day to release a scary game than on a Friday the 13th? You play as a woman called Rose seeking shelter in a huge mansion after a mysterious storm hits. Something alive and sinister lurks in the shadows of this seemingly abandoned mansion, and you must uncover the truth surrounding its painful history. Expect to find clues, solve puzzles and escape from deadly situations. Cursed Mansion mainly focuses on exploration and environmental storytelling to deliver a classic horror experience. I can't wait to step into the shoes of Rose and get totally spooked!

According to the official Steam Page, take a look at some key features:

  • Map Details: Every area is designed and crafted carefully to give an eerie atmosphere inspired by horror movies such as Ju-On and Insidious, as well as horror games such as Majo no le And Layers of Fear.
  • Gameplay Log: Tracks and saves progress in the game.
  • Interactable Icon: Players won’t get stuck because interactive icons help one see what can or can’t be interacted with.
  • Alternating Events: Every time the game resets, the events that have previously happened might or might not happen again.
  • Story Branching/Multiple Endings: Every interaction and decision matters.

Cursed Mansion is coming to PC via Steam on Friday the 13th of January 2023. You can play the free demo and wishlist the game now to support the developers!

Check out the release date trailer below: