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AEW Fight Forever update coming during Full Gear

by: Nathan -
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A few months ago we got a big update on AEW's videogame AEW: Fight Forever during Gamescom but since then they have been pretty quiet. Well it seems like we will get our next big update soon. 

The official AEW Games Twitter account has confirmed that the next update for the game will happen during their next major PPV Full Gear, which will take place on Saturday, November 19th. Here is the official tweet from their account.

The internet is buzzing about #AEWFightForever but @AEWGames
is THE OFFICIAL source for all news and info related to #AEWFightForever. Hang tight for a new, exclusive AEW: Fight Forever update next Saturday, Nov. 19 during #AEWFullGear!

The AEW Games Twitter account has also debunked a recent report that the game would be launching for free on Game Pass. 

This also seems like a good time to share that we don't anticipate #AEWFightForever being part of any monthly gaming subscription services. AEW: Fight Forever will be available in store at your favorite retailers or online. Reserve your copy today at: https://aew.thqnordic.com

No release date for the game yet but it will be releasing on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Series X, Nintendo Switch and PC.