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A Pokémon survey had some surprising results

by: Elliot -
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Pokémon has been a big staple in my life for a long time. I recall my best friend showing me his copy of Pokémon Red going home from school in fifth grade. I quickly convinced my parents that I, too, needed my own copy of the game. When someone sends me some news related to anything Pokémon I always take a look. This time I thought it was worth sharing with everyone. SolitaireBliss.com is a website that allows you to play solo solitaire. They have a blog that posts and conducts surveys about all sorts of topics, this time focusing on Pokémon.

The survey says 80% of people surveyed played Pokémon as a child, 69% say they collected Pokémon cards, 41% plan on buying the newest game, and more than half (53%) say they’ll never stop playing the new Pokémon games. Over one-third still play Pokémon, and more than one in 10 still play Pokémon GO. I happen to be that one; someday, I’ll hit the level cap.

They also set out to find which Pokémon is each state’s starter, “we analyzed over 2,700 words and phrases related toPokémon to determine the most popular “pocket monster” in each state. We also surveyed more than 900 Pokémon players to better understand gaming habits and the long-standing love for the franchise.”

The survey also ranked the top ten Pokémon. I wasn’t too surprised that Pikachu was the number one choice. I was a little surprised that Gardevoir was the only Pokémon on the top ten that was not from the original 151 Pokémon.

If you are curious about the methodology, SolitaireBliss.com has your answer. For this report, “we analyzed the most disproportionately popular Google search terms related to Pokémon over the past 24 months. 2,715 Google search terms and phrases were analyzed. We compared each state’s search results to the national average in order to determine which search term has a higher search volume when compared to the national average. This method of analysis allows us to even the playing field between smaller states with lower populations or a lower search volume (such as Wyoming, Vermont, Alaska, etc.) and states with a large population with higher search volume (California, Texas, Florida, etc.).”

You can see the full survey here. Other Pokémon topics covered include Pokémon GO and the collectible card game.