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Eerie co-op puzzle game Pactus announced for PC; Q4 2023 release

by: Henry -
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Developer Le Studio Imaginaire has officially announced their upcoming first person cooperative fantasy puzzle game Pactus. Play as a Warlock, an agreement formed through the union of a Wendigo and human Magician. The world is set generations after the Church of Humanity launched its crusade against the harmony between humans and demons. You must guide the Wendigo and Magician through intricate puzzles and labyrinths. The developers were heavily inspired by co-op puzzle games such as We Were Here where teamwork is emphasized.

See below for some key features:

  • 2 players' cooperation: Every puzzle in Pactus is made to be solved by two people. Everyone got a role to play.
  • Communicate: Keep talking. Some places are only accessible by one of you and describing what you see will be the key to your escape.
  • Asymmetric gameplay: Both character play differently. Either sneak around as the Wendigo or blast your way through with the Magician. You will experience different locations as part of your shared adventure
  • Hidden secrets: Some parts of the cathedral are hidden from view. Searching and sometimes backtracking will reveal more

This game is multiplayer only. An internet connection is required and a working PC-compatible microphone is greatly recommended.

Pactus is coming to PC via Steam sometime Q4 2023. You can head over to the Kickstarter page to learn more. A free demo is available now on Steam.

Check out the official announcement trailer below: