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Survival RPG Frozen Flame launches in Steam Early Access November 17

by: Henry -
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Publisher Ravenage Games and developer Dreamside Interactive have announced an early access release date for their upcoming survival fantasy action-RPG Frozen Flame after receiving mostly positive reviews from their open beta over Halloween weekend. The game is set in a dying world of dragons known as Arcana where you must harness the power of the frozen flame to survive the harsh conditions of the realm. Recruit allies or face against other players in full co-op and pvp! 

See below for some key features:

  • Shape the Destiny of the World: Looming over the horizon, with its massive silhouette dominating the landscape, stands the Ice Citadel. It now captured by the Faceless – a being of immense power, blighting the lands of Ar?ana. His power grows ever stronger, sending waves of destruction across the lands which will freeze the world in eternal ice if it is not stopped.
  • Rediscover the Knowledge of the Ancients: Your ancestors were once beings of great power, who shaped these lands with unbending wills of iron and the skills of great masters. Gather their knowledge, absorb their essence to obtain their powers and choose your own path in this fully-developed RPG world.
  • Reimagined survival experience: Build a fortress capable of protecting your party and the possessions you’ve amassed along the way. While keeping the destructive powers of eternal winter at bay, it provides you with much-needed means of production to overcome the harsh conditions of the cursed lands and rest when the breath of ancient Dragons brings the destructive powers of winter to your doorstep.
  • Change the rules: Host a server with custom rules to bring an additional challenge for your party or create a custom game that works the way you want to play it. The procedural generation of the landscape provides the ability to create an experience unique in every way possible.

Frozen Flame is coming to PC via Steam Early Access on November 17, 2022. You can wishlist the game now on Steam to support the developers!

Check out the gameplay trailer below: