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Mini Motorways releases free The Endless & Expert Update

by: Elliot -
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Mini Motorways is a minimalist strategy traffic management sim from developer Dinosaur Polo Club. I had the chance to review the game when it came to the Switch in the first half of this year. Good puzzle games make you see the pathways in your mind before they show up in the game. Mini Motorways does this and does it well. If you need a half hour to kill Mini Motorways is a great choice. Dinosaur Polo Club has introduced a free content update today with The Endless & Expert Update.

“Take two different highly-requested game modes for a spin, finding new ways to play between the laid-back Endless Mode or the high-stakes Expert Mode. Take a ride on the leisurely side with Endless Mode. Forge ahead even after a “Game Over”, or simply start fresh to get creative from the jump. Worry not about the score, but instead pursue efficiency milestones to continue the city’s expansion ad infinitum. Toss in some realistic obstacles and extra responsibility with Expert Mode. Road tiles may only be edited for a few short seconds before the cement dries, becoming permanent. With a new upgrade system allowing full access from the jump, early week-to-week strategy is more important than ever. The same upgrade cannot be selected two weeks in a row and are only offered for the first eight weeks, so make the best out of any situation that may arise in the life of a city planner.”

Mini Motorways has also added some quality-of-life improvements. “Multi-functional, manual zoom features allow Endless Mode players to admire each alleyway and culdesac while Expert Mode players can perfectly plan every roundabout and motorway exit.”

The Endless & Expert Update is available now and free for all versions of Mini Motorways. The game is available on Apple Arcade, PC, Mac, and Nintendo Switch.