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Bloodbowl 3 launches early next year in February

by: Nathan -
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After a number of delays, we finally have the official release date of Bloodbowl 3, hopefully provided it's not delayed again. That said this new trailer we got is a release date trailer so it seems like they are fully committed to this date. The brutal videogame adaptation of the table top board game series will be launching early next year on February 23 2023. 

Bloodbowl 3 is a turned based game of fantasy football with the violence turned up to 11. The game will include 12 playable races at launch and will include both a single player campaign and multiplayer and the game will use the most recent update of the rulebook of the table top game. 

Bloodbowl 3 launches February 23rd 2023 on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Nintendo Switch, Epic Games Store and Steam.