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The World Cup is coming to FIFA 23

by: Rob -
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The real World Cup is just under 3 weeks away. Starting next week, on November 9th (and a day earlier on FIFA Mobile), the virtual World Cup can be played in FIFA 23.

The tournament will be a free content upload via download. You are not stuck with the current lineup of the real tourney, as the game will also allow you to change and rearrange teams, and can be played offline or online. What's most interesting are two new modes that follow the progress of the tournament as it happens: FIFA World Cup: Live (which runs November 21st through December 18th) and Your FIFA World Cup. With the Live option, the game will be updated during the Group and Knockout Stages of the tournament, following and changes with authentic squads and matchups for each game. It gives you a chance to play through the tournament and rewrite history as it happens. With the Your Cup mode players choose a nation and select a starting point from past or current matchdays to play through all the real-world progress made to date. Similar modes, but it appears the main difference is one will run live with the tournament while the other remains playable after the fact. 

There will also be Ultimate Team campaigns focused on the tournament running November 11th through the December 23rd with live updates of cosmetic items like the uniforms teams are wearing in the tourney and 30 new playable Heroes from World Cups past. There is also more promised content for the Women's World Cup for next year in New Zealand but not details on that yet.