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Wildly entertaining World Cup Soccer table launches on Pinball FX

by: Eric -
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Since it's Early Access release on the Epic Games Store back in April, Pinball FX has kept the quality content coming at a steady clip. Whether the new releases are tables coming in from previous Pinball FX iterations, different Zen platforms, or are outright new, it seems like every few weeks pinball fans are getting a new table to dig into.

But this week's release of World Cup Soccer is a special treat. According to a recent PR release, World Cup Soccer - which was created in affiliation with FIFA - has been one of the most requested tables since Pinball FX release. An adaptation of Williams Pinball's classic 1994 table, World Cup Soccer is a wildly entertaining ride, with huge scores bombarding the player at every turn. I took a quick look at the table earlier today, and had an absolute blast trying to make shots past the goalie while the play-by-play guy was screaming in my ear. I've played a lot of Zen Studios' tables, and this has to be one of the most exciting tables they've released. Just a blast. Take a look at my gameplay here:

Pinball FX is free-to-play on Epic Games Store. Individual tables are purchased with in-game tickets, with World Cup Soccer going for 100 tickets. After playing this on the preview server, I immediately hopped over to the main game and bought World Cup Soccer for myself. When a table is this much fun, I've got to own it outright.