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Minecraft Live 2022 happening on October 15

by: Elliot -
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I’ve been playing a lot of Minecraft this year. My nephew turned five at the start of this year and is finally getting into video games. It’s my most played game this year. Every few days we get into the same world and dig a little deeper. It’s cool he’s finally becoming a person I want to play games with instead of just some booger-eating five-year-old. Now he’s fun and eats boogers. Today, Mojang Studios shared tune-in details for Minecraft Live 2022. Not sure what Minecraft Live is? “Oh, just our annual competition where we see which type of paint dries the fastest. GOTCHA! It’s only the biggest Minecraft event of the year! Brace yourself for some serious shenanigans. You can also expect deep dives, exclusive updates, live gameplay, and the famous mob vote where the community gets to decide which mob we’ll add to Minecraft!” The official livestream is set to broadcast on Saturday, Oct. 15 at 9am PT/12pm ET.

Interested and not sure where to watch the show? You can jump over to the Minecraft YouTube channel or the official Minecraft site.