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EVERCORE Heroes playtests begin October 14

by: Elliot -
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Vela Games might be a new company, but it’s composed of vets from all around the gaming world. Former Riot, EA, Epic Games, and Blizzard veterans have based the group out of Dublin, Ireland, and are ready to show off what they’ve been working on. “In EVERCORE Heroes, four teams of four compete with each other simultaneously in a brand-new session-based PVE experience. To win, players must power up their heroes, charge their Evercore, and defeat a dangerous boss.” EVERCORE Heroes blends the skill and teamplay of MOBAs with the adventure of MMO dungeon runs. The company is coining the phrase “Competitive PvE". “Players will choose from a roster of diverse heroes, each with unique traits and powers, doing battle in a variety of different environments, from frigid forests and snowy peaks to deep jungles and lush, fantastical gardens.”

The first eight heroes have been revealed today, including:

  • Shade: Shade is a master assassin, a goal she’s worked toward her entire life. Shade jumps in and out of combat, slicing through enemies, dispatching targets, and making quick escapes.
  • Fyn: Ancient fables tell of a steadfast hero, a living wall who defended all in need. With his power-shield ready, Fyn charges forward, enrages enemies, and protects his teammates from danger.
  • Zari: Zari is the creator of Solar-Bow Archery. Having taught her signature combat art to legions of Hydris’ most adept warriors, Zari combines her abilities to do massive, ranged damage to single targets and small groups of enemies.
  • Beko: The mysterious Beko is secretly an ancient spirit of rejuvenation. In his lantern he carries a spark of the Miraluum, the healing light used to protect his teammates with a variety of heal-over-time abilities.
  • Blink: Blink loves punching so much she made it her career. In addition to punching, Blink specializes in crowd control with abilities that can pull and stun enemies.
  • Remy: The Bios Expeditionary Corps is used to extreme conditions, but only Remy has the speed, the strength, and the cool head under pressure to wield the bleeding edge of Bios’ medical magitech. The speedy Remy runs into the thick of the battle to save teammates with health packs and control abilities.
  • Lotus: Even though she is next in line for the throne, Lotus broke millennia of tradition by leaving the royal house of Everae to join the other Heroes in their quest to heal the world.The versatile Lotus uses both physical power and magic to keep her team healed within short range while engaging in combat
  • Cynder: You can find Cynder in Noktra’s legendary underground club, the Blue Ember (when he wants to be found). Cynder is all about shutting down large groups of enemies with high magic damage and AoE attacks.

The first community playtests for EVERCORE Heroes will be Oct 14-16. Players will be selected at random by joining the game’s Discord.