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Co-op submarine simulator Barotrauma is free to play this weekend

by: Elliot -
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If you’re looking for something to play this weekend at the low, low cost of free then may I suggest Barotrauma. If you are into games like FTL, 2D co-op, or submarine simulators, then it might be up your alley. “The game is set in the frozen oceans of Jupiter’s moon Europa and will have players exploring the hostile depths of the mysterious Galilean Satellite while navigating and repairing a multi-station submarine and fending off the many creatures inhabiting the dangerous waters around you. Man a wide range of submarines and deploy solo or with crews of up to 16 players online!” Barotrauma recently had one final update, Hoist the Sails, before its full release in 2023.

Full Hoist the Sails update breakdown:

  • New vanilla sub dubbed, The Camel: An early-game transport submarine.
  • Sleeker submarine upgrades system: fewer upgrades for greater gain at a time, and the introduction of some class-specific upgrades to make the submarine classes stand out better.
  • No more Deep Diver: This class offered little advantage besides being able to take you through the last levels of a campaign, so it was decided to remove it altogether. Deep Divers become Scouts, and you will be able to finish the campaign on any ship that you have upgraded enough.
  • A new submarine tier system: Besides being of a specific class, subs will now be ranked into tiers (I–III) depending on how advanced they are. Tier is assigned based on a submarine’s price and can be adjusted in the Sub Editor. Tier and class together determine the maximum limit for upgrades for a sub, making it more advantageous to buy new subs as well as upgrade existing ones.
  • New and bigger guns!
  • Tutorials Reworked: A new set of tutorials are being added to the game in an effort to make onboarding a little easier for new players. First off, players will be greeted by a basic tutorial to introduce general mechanics useful for all player roles. After that, the player will be free to access more nuanced role-specific tutorials.
  • Performance and quality of life updates!

If you find that Barotrauma is something you’re into it’s currently on sale for 75% off its normal price on Steam until October 20th.