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Hotwheels, Superheroes and more for October's Playstation Plus offerings

by: Nathan -
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Another month another batch of free games on Playstation Plus.

This months games include the following...

  • Hotwheels Unleashed
  • Injustice 2
  • Superhot

I have never played the Hotwheels game but Injustice 2 is a solid fighting game by NetherRealm Studios. It's a shame though that this is vanilla Injustice 2 so if you want the additional characters and outfits you'll have the buy the seasons passes or forgo this and get the Legendary edition. 

Superhot is one of the most innovative and fun first person shooter games I have ever played. The game will only move when you move so it's like playing the game completely in slow motion. While that may sound boring, trust me it's a ton of fun and if you have a PSVR check out Superhot VR as it feel like you are in a Matrix movie, slowly moving to dodge bullets and fire guns. Great stuff. 

These games will be available starting October 4th.