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Soul Survivors will have a playable demo during Steam Next Fest

by: Elliot -
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There are a couple of things I’m always a sucker for. Pixelated roguelites fall pretty heavily into the category. Also, Banna Moonpies, but let's stick with pixelated roguelites. Soul Survivors happens to be one, coming out in early 2023. “Prepare your soul for total destruction as you slaughter hordes of enemies throughout the Lands of Chaos. Soul Survivors is a dark fantasy time survival game with minimalistic gameplay and roguelite elements.” There will be six classes available when Soul Survivors hits Early Access. Each class will have active and passive abilities to provide differing playstyles. You’ll be able to spend gold earned during sessions to unlock talent trees that will persist throughout your time playing. When Soul Survivors debuts on Steam Early Access there will be over 24 different enemy types and two playable stages. Developers are planning content updates throughout its ongoing development. 

“We are excited to share the first look at Soul Survivors with the world, and are even more thrilled to invite players to go hands-on with the game during the October Steam Next Fest,” said Sterling Selover, designer, Stingbot Games. “Soul Survivors is all about risk versus reward as you try to topple thousands of increasingly more difficult enemies and build up your character. We’re also building, and look forward to sharing even more content when Soul Survivors comes to Early Access in early 2023!”

Soul Survivors will initially release on Steam Early Access for Windows PC in Q1 2023. It will eventually make its way to the Nintendo Switch, alongside the PC’s 1.0 release. A free demo will be available during Steam Next Fest starting on October 3.