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Travel the stars, search out resources in upcoming strategy game Fragile Existence

by: Elliot -
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Nothing like the brink of extinction to bring humanity together. Fragile Existence is an upcoming sci-fi strategy game of survival where you’ll use space travel to search out resources, establish colonies, and grow a military to push back against any foes. “Set hundreds of years into the future, Fragile Existence takes place during a time where Earth, and all of her colonies, are wiped out. Players are tasked with guiding survivors to a distant safe haven while being pursued by an unknown enemy. Players must send out scouts to explore systems, drop units onto unique worlds and scavenge for supplies while defending themselves against other scattered remnants of humanity.”

Some key features of Fragile Existence: 

  • Secure the Future: Scout ahead and plot a course from system to system, syncing up to points of interest along the way. Explore worlds, gather desperately needed resources and stay on the move to avoid incoming enemies. 
  • Keep Your Fleet Organized: Whether you seek strength in number or smaller autonomous groups pursuing different objectives, players must decide the best strategy to keep things organized. One wrong move could mean the difference between staying alive and the end of humanity. 
  • Travel to the Ground: Collecting a variety of resources is paramount for survival. Ground expeditions allow players to transport to a planet’s survival to collect what they need. Traditional RTS systems such as base building and unit management will introduce a completely different set of mechanics to your space operations.
  • Prepare for Combat: Your enemy is well armed, resourceful and will stop at nothing to see the remnants of humanity destroyed. Assign scientists to uncover blueprints and materials in order to unlock more offensive, defensive and civilian capabilities.
  • Build Your Own Home: A full-fledged Planet Editor will give players the option to construct their own planets. Procedural generation, hand-crafted placements of creatures, resources and points of interest will allow for a great deal of flexibility. Systems can even be brought together using the Scenario Editor so players can craft their very own stories.

Fragile Existence is set to release later this year. If you have the itch to try out the game before then you are in luck; the strategy game will be playable during October’s Steam Next Fest