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Stop calling it Trombone Hero

by: joseph -
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Put some respect on the new sensation. I don't usually follow trends, not for lack of the coolness of it all, but more because people have it covered. Then comes a game like Trombone Champ, and when I say the people at Holy Wow took an idea and just said to hell with it, they didn't know it was going to be a viral sensation. 

Trombone Champ is a Trombone simulator. Yes, you read that right. Like rhythm games, you respond to the on screen prompts pushing a button to the song to make it sound good. In this game, you do it with your mouse, and either a button on the mouse, or a keyboard key. And it is nothing short of absolutely hilarious. As the notes come across the screen, you move your mouse to the particular note, and "toot". The fun factor is that you will not get this right on the first try, AND, all of the out of tune notes are insanely funny. You also get to choose your avatar, and later the color of your trombone, plus many more secret unlockables that we won't spoil here.  

The game isn't all toots and bones either. There are collector cards, a storyline, and a weird obsession with baboons (Wuck). I personally think you should try it. If you're not a musician, you'll love it. If you're a musician, you'll really love it. And if you're a trombonist, as I am, you now have abs. It's a mere $15, and along with the base songs, there are planned FREE updates, like accessibility, new songs, and even tempo alterations that will come somewhere down the line. Slide into steam and go grab it. And try to keep a straight face. You're a gamer. Be more serious.