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Solium Infernum is a reimagining of a 2009 title

by: Elliot -
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Solium Infernum, the strategy game from Hell, doesn’t show off much gameplay in the release trailer, but whoa, that trailer looks gorgeous. Solium Infernum is the sophomore game from developer League of Geeks, and it happens to be a reimagining of a title from 2009. “Return to the Infernal Kingdom as one of eight Archfiends of Hell intent on claiming Pandaemonium’s Throne. Enact wicked schemes, command demonic legions, and master the five spheres of evil to sow chaos and conquer other claimants.”

In Solium Infernum players will take turns simultaneously, this way players can see what everyone else is thinking, at all times. Gameplay options will range from two to four-hour single-player campaigns to possible weeklong six-player multiplayer matches. Those weeklong matches will only require only a few minutes of your time per day to play.

“The original Solium Infernum is one of the most remarkable video games ever made. Its evocative, Milton-inspired vision of Hell and deep focus on political intrigue are unlike anything else on the market,” said Trent Kusters, Co-Founder and Director, League of Geeks. “We are honoured and ecstatic to bring Solium Infernum back into the limelight it has always deserved!”

Solium Infernum will have a single-player campaign alongside the original’s multiplayer mode. There is no firm release, but the plan is for the game to come out in 2023 for PC.