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Overwatch 2 raises FPS cap to 600 with NVIDIA's RTX 4090

by: John -
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A lot of competitive gamers play at resolutions of 1920x1080 in order to get the fastest gaming possible at an acceptable resolution. But with more powerful video cards, perhaps it's time to move that resolution up a little.

Yesterday's NVIDIA announcement of the GeForce RTX 4090 came with some new tech to increase performance. Blizzard was able to sample the new hardware and because of how powerful the cards were, decided to increase the FPS cap from 400 FPS to 600 FPS. That's a nice healthy 34% increase there. And, the RTX 4090 enabled gaming at 1440P at around 360 FPS with sub 10ms latency. So maybe we'll see competitive gaming at higher resolutions here soon. Check out the video of Overwatch 2 running insanely fast.