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Feel a New Real trailer dropped for PS VR2

by: Henry -
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Sony PlayStation released a new trailer debuting some fancy new features for their upcoming virtual reality headset PS VR 2. There's still no price unveiled but don't expect it to be cheap considering the impressive details showcased on this new piece of hardware.

The trailer introduces various features PS VR2 will have:

  • 4K HDR display bringing vibrant worlds to life
  • eye tracking that detects and follows your vision
  • foveated rendering that focuses on vivid detail
  • 110 degree field of view for deep visual immersion
  • finger touch detection for tactile interaction
  • tempest 3D audio-tech for creating realistic soundscapes
  • headset feedback for great sensory immersion
  • haptic feedback that responds to your actions
  • adaptive triggers for tension you can feel

A PlayStation 5 console is required to use a PSVR2 headset. The PlayStation VR2 is coming early 2023. For more information, take a look at the official PlayStation page.

Check out the "Feel a New Real" trailer below: