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Street Fighter 6, closed beta, 4 additional characters, and all the things!

by: joseph -
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The Tokyo Game Show has a Capcom showcase today, and Street Fighter 6 just opened the flood gates. First off, In the single player World Tour mode, there is a ridiculous amount of customization for your character, and he can learn the special moves of in game characters, for when you have to fight in the streets. Yes. I typed that correctly. They talked more about the Battle hub, where you go to fight online players, as well as visit shops, DJ music (wuck), and play retro video games like Final Fight, Super Street Fighter II, and Darkstalkers. And they also announce 4 additional characters, including Ken, who is looking like he's gone through hell. There are also two new Japanese live commentators, and the announcement of a closed full cross play beta that you have to go to the Street Fighter 6 website and sign up for. Enough of my babbling. Watch this!