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Fall Guys season 2 launches in a few days

by: Nathan -
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The next season of Fall Guys will launch in just a few days and this time the beans are heading to outer space. Typically with each new season they introduce some gameplay modifiers so I assume this season will include a lot of zero gravity action to go along with it.

The new season will also include eight new events including the following... 

  • Tiptoe Finale
  • Starchart
  • Pixel Painters
  • Cosmic Highway
  • Hyperdrive Heroes
  • Hex-a-terrestrial 
  • Space Race
  • Frantic Factory

There will also be space themed variations of events already in the game. 

Fall Guys Season 2: Satellite Scramble will launch on September 15th. 

A full breakdown of the new season including full descriptions of the events and new cosmetic content is available on their official blog post.