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NVIDIA is giving away Marvel's Spider-Man with a purchase of a qualifying NVIDIA product

by: John -
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Are you looking to upgrade your video card? Well, you can get a pretty great game right now if you do. From now until October 12, you can nab yourself a free copy of Marvel's Spider-Man if you pick up a GeForce RTX 3080, 3080Ti, 3090, or 3090 Ti GPU, desktop, or laptop.

I reviewed Spider-Man a few weeks ago and it's by far one of the best games this year and it takes advantage of many of the RTX features to deliver a stunning image when swinging around New York. In fact, Marvel's Spider-Man was one of the first games I tried out when I got my new LG OLED 4K TV. Let me tell you, it was incredible swinging around in the city with all the Ray Tracing goodness enabled and DLSS activated for good performance.

Check out the game in action and if you are looking to upgrade, you'll get a pretty sweet game at no charge for a limited time.