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You actually have to complete a character's quest line to get their level 10 reward in Disney Dreamlight Valley

by: Eric -
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In one of those "smack yourself on the forehead" moments that only come when you misunderstand a fundamental mechanic in a video game you are playing, today I discovered that you have to complete a character's quest line in Disney Dreamlight Valley to get their level 10 reward. If you are playing Disney Dreamlight Valley, that sentence might have made sense to you. But if not, I'll explain. 

In Dreamlight Valley, you slowly unlock a variety of Disney characters. You start out with Mickey and Goofy, but you eventually branch out to pick up new homies like Wall-e, Maui and Moana, and Kristoff, Anna, and Elsa from Frozen. And a bunch more, but that's not the point. Each character has their own progression, from level one to level ten.

You can select a character to run around with you while you mine, garden, fish, or whatever, and they will slowly level up while you complete these actions. Whenever they gain a level, they do a little dance and give you a fun reward - cash, a clothing item, or a piece of furniture to decorate your house (or to plop down somewhere outside, if you are so inclined. I have a Moana-themed hippie hibachi area in front of my Dreamlight Valley pad). 

The problem is, I kept getting these chumps to level ten, and then not getting the reward. No Goofy hat. No Moana dress. No Mickey...whatever thing Mickey was supposed to give me. Surely, the game was bugged. Clearly a huge problem that the developers at Gameloft would have to patch out pretty quickly, right?

Wrong. Today I was running around cleaning up quests, and I happened to finish the final Moana quest. Now, Moana has been level ten for several days, but I still hadn't completed her quest line. So today I did, hiding this weird little rock thing she forced me to make back behind my house. In a moment of glee, she presented me with the level ten reward dress, and I smacked myself on the forehead. Literally. It's a thing. Then we took a snapshot with Mickey, Maui, and Merlin to commemorate the occasion.

So yes, now we know. To get the level ten reward, you have to level up your homies, AND complete their quest line. Jeez, Mickey, you might have said something...

Disney Dreamlight Valley is now available in Early Access on PC, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox. Most folks need to buy a Founder's Pack to get access, but if you have Game Pass, you can go download Dreamlight Valley for free right now. And you totally should. It's mad addictive and very, very fun.