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The lack of gameplay in this Miraculous: Rise of the Sphinx trailer has me a little nervous

by: Eric -
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My kids love Miraculous, the French superhero action show that has entrenched itself on various kids' platforms in recent years (I think it is on Disney+ these days, but don't quote me on that). A few years back, my daughter went as Ladybug and my son as Cat Noir for Halloween, and they caused quite a stir among the under-10 set. There were a lot of astonished whispers (Ooh! It's Ladybug!), as the costumes don't seem to be too common here in the States.

My kids are probably the perfect target audience for Miraculous: Rise of the Sphinx, the new video game based on the franchise releasing on consoles and PC next month. I was initially interested upon seeing the announcement, but this trailer gives me pause:

I mean, nice cinematics and all, but what do you do in this game? There isn't one moment of actual gameplay in the trailer, and that makes me more than a little nervous. My kids are pretty sophisticated gamers - I mean, Dad reviews games, so they see a lot of them - so they can be a bit picky about kids' games. I'm not going to drop $49.99 on this game until I see what it actually is.

So, combing the PR release, I can boil it down to these salient points: Single player or local co-op, villains from the show, power upgrades as you progress, "exploring the streets of Paris" (which could mean anything), and a shop to unlock music and artwork.

Yeah, sure, but what do you do?

I'll keep my eyes peeled for a gameplay trailer between now and Miraculous' October 25 release date. But I wouldn't tell my kids to start saving their allowance just yet.