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Call of the Wild: The Angler Gameplay Preview - Open world fishing explained

by: Eric -
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I've been playing Call of the Wild: The Angler for review, and while I can't give my feelings on the game too much in print, I think you can tell by the tone of the below video that I'm not hating it. At all. When the game was announced, I wondered how the developers at Expansive Worlds could possibly make a fishing game entertaining. But with some spectacular graphics and a very immersive fishing mechanic, they have done just that.

I am not a pro video maker; I like to play games and just blather on about them. But I think that in a quick half hour, I was able to hit the high points that explain what Call of the Wild: The Angler is all about. Take a look:

Of course, you might want something a little more concise and professional, with video editing and all of that. In that case, here's a trailer that Expansive Worlds released today to break down how the game is played:

Call of the Wild: The Angler releases on SteamEpic Games Store, and the Microsoft Store on August 31st, with console releases planned for the future. Look for our full review on August 30.