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Whole lot of free Destiny available - for a very limited time

by: Rob -
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Destiny 2 has launched it's new season, The Season of Plunder, this week complete with pirating, looting, and all sorts of mischief of a kind. But this post is not about the Season of Plunder. Bungie has also announced the next major expansion, Lightfall, is inbound for early 2023. But this post is also not about the next expansion. This post is about all the previous content that you can now access for free... for a limited time. 

First off, for this week only, all current expansions (Shadowkeep, Beyond Light, and even the current one - The Witch Queen) are free to play. While the base game is always free to play, much of the content and best loot is locked behind those expansion paywalls. Well not right now they aren't. Any loot gained from this week should also carry over. So say you're like me and loathed the changes introduced with Stasis and swore off ever paying real money for Beyond Light... Well, you can also be like me and play through Beyond Light and unlock the Stasis super for free if you act fast this week. 

The one thing not included in the free offering by Bungie is the 30th Anniversary Pack, and that's where Epic Games comes in. Because second off, the current free game on the Epic Games store is the 30th Anniversary Pack! So if you have access to a PC, then you can jump in there, grab your Gjallarhorn, open up chests in the Pillars of Eternity on PC, and let cross save carry all that loot back to the console of your choice. 

While the Expansions are only free this week, all you need to do is claim the 30th Anniversary Pack on the Epic Store and that content is yours to keep. So concentrate on the expansions first with what time you have, then jump into the PC content once that time expires. Loot gained in the free period or on PC carry over to other consoles with cross save, but just because an expansion or content is unlocked it does not. So with the 30th anniversary edition you need to actually play that on PC to enjoy the fruits of your labor elsewhere. It's all detailed in the Bungie cross save FAQ.