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Co-op looter-shooter The First Descendant shows in new trailer

by: Elliot -
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I still find games built using the Unreal Engine 5 to be a bit breathtaking. In the first full trailer for The First Descendant, I saw a few scenes that excited me to try and grapple my way through some enemies. The trailer for the upcoming third-person co-op action RPG shooter recently dropped ahead of Gamescom 2022. The full-length trailer shows new details of the game’s co-op play, grappling-hook action, and a few boss monsters. “In the trailer, Lepic (a versatile fighter with powerful guns built into his arm), Viessa (a debuffer who freezes enemies by controlling cold air), Bunny (super-quick nuke with electrical attacks), and Ajax (the tank with space-warping skills) team up to battle huge alien bosses. More dynamic action can also be seen through additional characters with unique skill sets.”

“The player becomes a Descendant in the game and is given a mission to fight against the invaders for the survival of humans and to protect the ‘Ingris continent’. The player can experience a spectacular story by growing stronger through various missions and stories to finally discover the Descendants' secret.”

Eventually, The First Descendant will release on Steam, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S. A Steam beta is scheduled for October 20-26, 2022. The beta will have ten playable characters to choose from. If you are eager to play the new looter-shooter, you can wishlist the game now and sign up for the upcoming Steam beta.