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You can pre-order Square Enix life-sim farming game Harvestella for Switch today

by: Eric -
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Square Enix has so many projects going on that I can't keep track of them all. One announcement that caught me by surprise today (because I didn't know the game existed) was the proclamation that pre-orders for life simulation RPG Harvestella are now live for Nintendo Switch and PC. 

That's right, there is a game named Harvestella, and you can preorder it today, in either physical or digital formats. Harvestella sounds like a mix between a farming game and Final Fantasy. Sure, you can Harvest Moon it up by planting crops, and then using them to cook. I'm sure there will be plenty of watering, fishing, and townsfolk quests as well.

But then there's the other side of the game, in which players choose a "Job", stuff like Fighter, Shadow Walker, and Mage, and then plunge into the local dungeons to "discover the origins of the world as well as the truth behind the “Quietus,” or season of death". Sounds like more than your usual farm sim to me. All that, and a vaguely Irish accent to narrate!

Harvestella is scheduled to arrive on November 4, 2022, on PC and Steam. For more info on how to preorder on all platforms, check out Harvestella's official site.