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Ultra-ambitious "Scrolls-like" All Hail Temos enters Early Access this fall

by: Eric -
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We often see one-man games at Gaming Nexus - passion projects that one person created over several years alone - but rarely do we say anything as ambitious as All Hail Temos. This is a game that is using Elder Scrolls as a point of comparison, which is a lofty, nigh-impossible goal for a single developer. Hell, even Bethesda struggles to complete one of these games.

But it seems that All Hail Temos is done enough that solo developer Geoffrey Howland is comfortable pushing it into Early Access this fall, with a playable prologue demo dropping in September. The game boasts a small handcrafted open world, with dozens of side quests to complete. In fact, there is not a single story mission that works as a through line for the game; rather, the side mission culminate in one of many possible endings. Sounds kind of awesome.

Every character can use magic, regardless of class. Players can also claim property in the game world, or become mayor of the game's town (yes, it seems like there is only one town; remember, small open world and solo developer). Still, it seems as though Howland has created plenty of content to keep players busy, and he deserves a world of praise for even trying to create something this complex and cool all by himself.

Folks interested in diving into the adventure early can wishlist All Hail Temos on Steam here.