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Midnight Fight Express Gameplay

by: Eric -
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On August 23, Midnight Fight Express will be dropping on PC and consoles. Published by Humble Games and developed by Jacob Dzwinel, Midnight Fight Express has players fighting their way across a brutal city in one night, trying to overcome an entire criminal organization before the sun rises. 

I dug into Midnight Fight Express the other day, thinking I would just skim through the first few minutes of the game. What I found was an action movie extravaganza, with a fight system that slowly deepens (and becomes more awesome) the further you play. As the player finishes each of the game's brief levels, they are given a skill point, which opens up a variety of cool moves, turning player character Babyface into more and more of a badass.

I recorded my play sessions. Be warned, the music in Midnight Fight Express is so banging and loud that you can hardly hear me talk. No worries there, I was mostly roaring in approval or laughing hysterically when the game killed me. The music is better than my ramblings anyhow.

Session one included the story setup (skip to the 6:00 mark to get right to the action), and the game's first few levels.

My second session is when the game really starts heating up. Weapons become more powerful, enemies become more lethal, and the Jackie Chan-like use of environmental objects becomes more pronounced. 

When it heats up, Midnight Fight Express absolutely feels like a late night action movie - with all the one liners and lip-busting fight scenes you might expect. Beat-em-up fans should definitely consider picking this one up when it drops on PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, Xbox, and PC on August 23. Midnight Fight Club was also recently announced for Game Pass, so if you are a subscriber, Xbox has you covered.

Keep an eye on my YouTube channel for more gameplay videos and previews. Not thinking I'm done with this one yet.