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Arcade 1UP releases a gameplay trailer for NFL Blitz: Legends

by: Nathan -
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Arcade 1UP has released a gameplay video showing off from their NFL Blitz: Legends cab releasing in October. The cab is called NFL Blitz: Legends because this is technically a new release of Blitz and not just the original roms from when these games were originally released in the arcades.

Blitz, Blitz 99 and Blitz 2000 Gold are included in the cabinet and are all remasters of the original game which include HD graphics, 60 FPS and updated gameplay. As mentioned before this unfortunately means the removal of late hits due to the NFL not allowing their license to be used unless they did. Disappointing but this isn't Arcade 1UP's fault. The same thing happened when EA released the Blitz reboot back in 2012. 

That said, despite not having late hits the game still does look like Blitz. The gameplay in the video looks great in HD and still looks like it will have all the fun of the original games.