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Embark on a journey, explore remote islands, just don’t sink

by: Elliot -
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I'm always looking for a co-op game I can lose a few friends over. Ship of Fools also has the added benefit of being a rougelite, making replayability, even with the same friends, hopefully worthwhile. And finally, it's only a few short months away from release, giving me time to convince my wife to try once again to attempt another co-op game with me. Ship of Fools is set among the outcrops of the Archipelago. Follow along with The Fools, “as they set out across the choppy waters of their watery world, combat creatures from the deep, and attempt to thwart The Everlasting Storm and the Aquapocalypse! Along the way, the Fools will have to work together and master the cannons, repair their ship – Stormstrider – from damage caused by monstrous boarding parties and missile lobbing leviathans, and tread an unlikely path to victory!”

Ship of Fools key features include:

  • Bombastic combat – Frantic ship-based combat against colossal leviathans and horrifying creatures from across the deep, dark waters of the Archipelago
  • Frantic co-op experience – Designed from the keel up for co-op play, manage ship repairs in the heat of battle, reload and re-manoeuvre cannons, and use paddles to strike enemies as they board the Stormstrider
  • Endless replayability – Upgrade your crew and unlock items and additional Fools to take on the ever-changing seas, with multiple runs needed to avert the Aquapocalypse.

Start to stretch out your sea legs, the seafaring co-op roguelite, Ship of Fools will be out on  Nintendo Switch, PlayStation5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC this November.