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Arcade 1UP announces NFL Blitz but with a very unfortunate catch

by: Nathan -
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Blitz is back... well almost.

During their online show That 1UP Show, Arcade 1UP has announced that their next 3/4 scale cabinet will be NFL Blitz. Included on the cabinet are NFL Blitz, Blitz 99 and NFL Blitz 2000 Gold Edition. 

The cabinet will include three games, online play, and a 49 way joystick and will cost $599.99.

However, a very unfortunate catch to this release is that all of the late hits have been removed from the game and some tackles are gone as well. For a lot of people, myself included, that is a complete deal breaker.

Removing all the violence and late hits would be like releasing a Mortal Kombat cabinet with all the Fatalities removed or NBA Jam with all the dunks removed. It's just not the same. A watered down version of Blitz is not what we wanted. The NFL Blitz reboot that was released in 2012 had the same issue. Remove all the violence and late hits and you are left with a game that is not as fun. 

I guess I will just stick with my original N64 copies. What a shame.