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Here is the first look at gameplay from AEW: Fight Forever

by: Nathan -
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Two weeks ago we got the official announcement about AEW's first console videogame called AEW: Fight Forever and today at the THQ Nordic showcase we got our footage look at the game in action. 

The thing that excites me about this footage is that we get confirmation that Intergender matches will be possible in the game as the footage shows Dr. Britt Baker DMD facing off against Adam Cole.

We also got to see some weapons being used in the match including a chair, fire extinguisher and a trash can.

Finally we get to the weird part of the trailer where they show off some of the minigames and there's like a rhythm game where wrestlers are doing squats as you press the buttons, a baseball game and a match where you have to collect poker chips falling from the ceiling. Ehhhh not sure how much I'll play those minigames cause I feel like these may be minigames that I play once and never touch again. As for the gameplay It certainly does look like it may play like No Mercy but from this footage it's looking kinda janky like it's still a ways from launch. 

No release date yet except that it's "coming soon"