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Madden Championship Series 23 details announced

by: Rob -
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Madden NFL 23 adds to EA's exclusive NFL gaming licensing rights to also be the exclusive Esports partner of the league. While competition in the space would probably be better for everyone other than EA and the NFL, no one  was coming close to challenging Madden's crown long before the deal went exclusive anyway.

With the Esports exclusivity news comes announcement details on the Madden Championship Series (MCS) 23. You register for the three tournaments and climb the console specific ladders in open play. The top 232 players from the ladders move to the elimination rounds where the final 4 from each console compete in the cross-platform live finals. The first tournament, Ultimate Kickoff, is now open for registration with qualifiers beginning August 20th and the tournament concluding in September. The Ultimate Thanksgiving tournament follows in October/November and Ultimate Wildcard in November/December. The top 12 from these three qualifying tournaments join winners of the Last Chance Qualifying tournament in Early January to get a spot at the Ultimate Madden Bowl in Late January with the grand final February 10th. There's a million bucks in prize money on the line for the Madden Bowl, with earlier tournaments paying out between $180k and $260k. 

Registration details MCS 23 is now open on the official website: https://battlefy.com/madden-championship-series-2023/home