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Technicity Prologue Showcases Upcoming City Builder

by: Sheyne -
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Technicity Prologue is available for free on Steam now and showcases the upcoming city builder from Osaris Games. This first person city builder allows you to design your own construction blocks and furniture, terraform the open world, use vehicles and travel to other cities in solo or co-op modes. There are many exciting features that will allow you to automate production and save and share schematics on the Steam Workshop.

The open world is huge and can be filled with many big cities. An existing road network with thousands of km's lets you reach every part of the 384 km2 map. Build your own roads and they'll be integrated into the navigation system. Terraform the world with steamrollers and bulldozers - you can even create or remove entire mountains!

Design and produce your own building blocks, items and furniture in factories, and use them to create really unique buildings. The items you design can also have useful features: create a garage door that opens, an illuminated sign or even a vehicle. Any other player in your world can then use the items produced in your factories.

Technicity Prologue is available for free now on Steam and the complete game is scheduled for release later in 2022 on Steam.