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Cards & Tankards adds a new faction with full release in October

by: Eric -
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I've been playing a lot of Cards & Tankards lately, so I'm excited for the games full release, which has been announced for this October. 

Cards & Tankards is a collectable card game - similar to Gwent or Hearthstone - but played out entirely in VR. Those that have been reading GN for a while know of my love for multiplayer experiences in VR. I love sharing a virtual space with folks, and I also love collectable card games, so I'm super excited to check this one out. Take a look at the trailer and see what I'm talking about:

In celebration of the game's upcoming full release, developer Divergent Realities is introducing a new faction to the game. Factions work like decks - there are starter versions, and then the player earns and opens booster packs to supplement the basics. The addition of a new one will totally change the game's dynamic, so I'm curious to see what it plays like.

Cards & Tankards is in Early Access right now on Steam and Applab, with developer Divergent Realities prepping for the game's full release in October. The game is currently free-to-play, with a monetization design that focuses on cosmetics and fun goodies, along with a season pass that allows players to earn booster packs more quickly. There is a great community in place, and they are very welcoming to new players. Hop in and check it out.