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Lick all the things in Nine Noir Lives

by: Elliot -
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 In case you missed it, International Cat Day was this week. I, of course, celebrated privately with my cat Loki. Developer Silvermode Games celebrated by showing off a new trailer for the point-and-click adventure game Nine Noir Lives. According to a recent press release, the game is an “adventure game starring feline detective Cuddles Nutterbutter. When a murder case in-furry-ates the Montemeeuw and Catulet families, it is up to Cuddles and his assistant Tabby Marshmallow to solve it. Along the way, players will interact with dozens of fully-voiced characters, beautifully hand-drawn scenes, and devious puzzles to answer the most important question of all: how many things need to be licked to solve a murder in this town?” 

With protagonists named Cuddles Nutterbutter and Tabby Marshmallow I don’t know how you couldn’t be interested. There’s a unique gameplay element here you won’t find in other games; you experience it by using Cuddles’ tongue. Lick first, and ask questions later.

Nine Noir Lives will pouch onto PC and Mac via Steam and GOG on September 7, 2022. If you are truly as curious as a cat a demo is available now on Steam and GOG.