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Hell Pie is a filthy - but great - platformer set in a world of demons, gore, and cherubs

by: Eric -
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Hell Pie, developed Sluggerfly, dropped on Steam on July 21. I've been wanting to check out the game since it released, but was away from my PC for several weeks. Playing catch-up this week, I booted up Hell Pie and took it for a spin. What I found is a fantastic 3D platformer, albeit one littered with sex, violence, and scatological humor. Typically, I shy away from this sort of humor, but in this case, I found Hell Pie to be mild enough to be amusing rather than cringey.

But the real treat in this case is the gameplay. This is not some Serious Sam situation where the gameplay is an afterthought, secondary to the gross humor. Rather, the game is very playable and fun, with a ton of secrets, tight controls, and an emphasis on exploration. The visuals are colorful and fun, and the swing mechanic - which is something I normally don't enjoy in games - is slick and intuitive. Your endlessly chattering cherub buddy is also a great touch.

Take a look at the first hour or so of the game here. Warning - this is definitely not one for kids. The above mentioned sex, violence, and poop jokes are in full effect here.

Hell Pie is now available on Steam for $24.99. If you've been jonesing for Banjo-Kazooie-style platformer, you could do far worse than this.